What does Continent 8 Technologies do?

Continent 8 is headquartered in the Isle of Man, but has operations in over 40 locations globally, – providing highly secure and reliable global hosting facilities and connectivity to both the private and public sectors across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Sectors such as eGaming, Offshore Finance, CSPs, eBusiness, Online Payment Processors and Public Services have all entrusted Continent 8 to host their sensitive, demanding connectivity and global hosting requirements. Continent 8 is the Isle of Man’s only service provider that, carried on their own network, can offer direct, private connectivity to a global footprint of over 40 locations alongside integration with cloud providers across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Why does your company sponsor Bridge and how does your Company work with Bridge to meet the needs of their audience?

Continent 8 are extremely proud to be co-founders of Bridge Angel Network with our senior management team being Directors of Bridge. We have sponsored Bridge for the last 3 years and play a very active role in the day to day management of Bridge.

With a vast amount of inhouse expertise, Continent 8 are very happy to share our knowledge with start-ups already on the Isle of Man or new ones looking to move to the Island.

Continent 8 are always looking to promote the Isle of Man and encourage new business opportunities here and working with Bridge we have been extremely successful over the last 3 years in supporting both local and inward start-ups to encourage economic growth within the Isle of Man.

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Key contact, for more information.

Roberta Castle – roberta.castle@continent8.com

Caroline Moran – caroline.moran@continent8.com