In this blog we break down resilience and pick apart the frameworks and characteristics of resilience to answer questions such as what is resilience? why's it important and how can I become more resilient?

What is resilience?

Resilience is being able to bounce back from setbacks and to keep going in the face of tough demands and difficult circumstances, including the enduring strength that builds from coping well with challenging and stressful events. In other words it is having “the capacity to remain flexible when faced by a life disruption or extended periods of pressure, so that we emerge from difficulty stronger, wiser and more able.”

So, why is being resilient important for an entrepreneur?

When starting out as entrepreneur the factor of pressure plays a big part in your journey. Pressures can lead to stress, which can be effectively managed through resilient behaviours, pressure is necessary for us to grow. People who are resilient can effectively manage and even reduce the pressures in their lives, resulting in less stress, improved health and improved performance.

When looking at the characteristics and traits of a resilient person, we can use the Wraw model (which stands for ‘workplace, resilience and wellbeing’). This is a great way to assess a person’s resilience. Wraw is a psychometric measure of resilience and its impact on wellbeing, for working people and is based on the 5 pillars of resilience, which provides a holistic view, covering thinking style and the emotional and physical elements that impact wellbeing.

Wraw’s 5 pillars include:

  1. Energy – Sustaining and renewing physical energy to have the capacity to keep going through challenging times.
  2. Future Focus – Having a clear sense of purpose and direction to help move forwards without getting stuck or feeling held back.
  3. Inner Drive – Sustaining self-belief when times get tough, displaying confidence, motivation and perseverance.
  4. Flexible thinking - Having an open and optimistic mind-set, enabling a positive and adaptive response to change and challenges
  5. Strong Relationships – Building Open and trusting relationships and being willing to call on these for help and support if facing a challenge.

Under each pillar, you’ll see the many familiar characteristics of resilient people. For those characteristics that you don’t recognise in yourself, it may be worth spending some time giving more focus to the ‘unfamiliar’ traits, as these are potentially characteristics that you can develop, to help build your resilience further.

Becoming resilient won’t happen overnight, it takes time. The important thing to remember is that you’re taking important personal development steps, as a busy entrepreneur.

Our key takeaway, is to spend some time working through the Wraw 5 pillars framework, so you are clear on your strengths, whilst also being mindful of the areas you’d like to improve upon, in order to develop and grow as a person and in business.