We are delighted to have Roderick Beer, Community Director at the UKBAA on the island next week. Roderick has kindly agreed to host a workshop on behalf of Bridge titled 'Effective Angel Investment' between 12:30-14:00 on Thursday 11th October at The Eagle Lab. 

Roderick has over 15 years experience managing, founding and growing angel groups and investment platforms that have deployed over £100m of equity investment in more than 500 startup and scale-up businesses. In his role at the UKBAA Rod oversees the investment community and delivers training and best practice support for over 170 angel groups, VC's, investment platforms, accelerators, universities, government agencies and corporates.

The Effective Investor is a workshop designed to introduce new angel investors to the early stage investment landscape, and why it is so important to invest in small businesses. We will cover the integral and rewarding aspects of being an angel, including using your skills and experience to help young and innovative businesses scale and grow.

Throughout the workshop we will cover the key do’s and don'ts of angel investing, highlight what to look for in a deal, introduce tactics for effective due diligence and roadmap the path to success in this ecosystem.

To be an effective angel, it is key to understand the foundation of investing in a truly scalable business and what it takes to help guide and support a new business beyond just providing capital resources. Business angels not only provide financial support to scale, they also act as a knowledge resource equipped with industry experience for successful growth. In this workshop you will be given a thorough understanding of the investment landscape and how to navigate it, guidance on what to look for in a business as well as learn the relevant strategies to further developing your portfolio.

Read more about the UKBAA introduction to angel investing here.

Register for tickets to the workshop here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-effective-investor-workshop-with-the-ukbaa-tickets-51025506664